Sunday, October 19

Adobe Brush

Hey everyone,

So Adobe recently came out with a new free app called Adobe Brush. The app allows you to use your smart phone to create new brushes for Illustrator and Photoshop from hand done drawings or patterns. So for example, you could take a picture of a painted brush stroke and then size it to work as a new brush in Adobe programs. This allows you see the shadows and fine details of the stroke and recreate it digitally. This feature can be really helpful if you want to do a digital painting but with a more 3-D or physical feel. It's also useful if you need a specific pattern that the program doesn't have, because it allows you to create your own patterns.

Here's a video of how the program works.

Red Emergency Button

Be careful not to accidentally hit the red emergency button, I forgot it was there until just now when two police officers showed up at the desk asking if we had hit the panic button! They are located to the right of all the desk computer keyboards.

Friday, October 17

New Scan Gun at the Mac Station and our New Web Browser

Hey everybody, as you may, or may not, have noticed, there is a new scan gun at the Mac computer on the desk (yayyyy *the crowd goes wild*). This means that now all 4 computers can be used to check items in (NOTE: The mac does not have a card reader yet so it can not scan items out through WMS). However, it can:

  • Check items out through the checklist
  • Check items in through the checklist
  • Check items in through WMS

 This will hopefully speed up the time in which we will be able to help the users that come in to use our services (*The crowd grows even wilder*).

As an added bonus, the rightmost PC and the Mac now have the amazing, spectacular, stupendous....... Google Chrome!!! (*The entire crowd faints at this point*) I know right? Just like firefox, all of the bookmarks you found in there can still be found at the top of the google chrome browser. (*The crowd wakes back up and quietly goes home because they are civilized people. What were they even watching. Were they listening to me talk to you? That's weird.*)

Thursday, October 16

When Picking a Font for Your Poster...

Hey y'all!

Have you ever been scrolling through fonts on a program, squinting your eyes, trying to pick one, but you just don’t seem to like any? Most fonts that come with computers are ones that everyone’s seen before and aren’t eye-catching and unique. There are websites you can go to where you can preview your fonts nice and big and then download them onto your computer for free.

MyFontbook has over 500 fonts to choose from and Dafont has over 25,000 fonts to preview and download onto Mac and Windows computers. They are simple to install and will make your posters and projects look that much better.

Have fun wasting hours scrolling through and downloading cool fonts…not that I’ve ever done that before.

Wednesday, October 15

Microfilm & Microfiche

Hey everyone!
This is just a reminder for everyone for putting back microfilm and microfiche. Remember to count each piece of microfilm and microfiche as you put them away and also make sure to record them on the clipboard at the desk. I put away a bunch of microfilm today and Rich reminded me of this, so I just wanted to make sure everyone else didn’t forget like I did!
Have a great day everyone!

Fire Alarm Procedure

Hey everyone! Today the library's fire alarm went off, so I thought it would be a good time to remind everybody of the procedure we have for staff members when the alarm sounds:

Fire alarms must be taken seriously at all times. If the alarm sounds:
1.     Evacuate the building using the nearest exit. 
2.     Move at least 200 feet away from the building.
3.     Meet at the center of the walkway crossing The Green to “check in” with department staff.
4.     Re-enter the building when Public Safety indicates that it is safe to do so.

Sunday, October 12

New Part with Mac Power Adapters

Have you noticed that the Mac Power Adapters now have a little black pouch attached to them? This is an additional part of each Mac Power Adapter kit.  Inside the pouch, there is a small adapter that converts between MagSafe and MagSafe2.  This allows the chargers to be used with new Macbook models. The MagSafe2 is compatible with the smaller power adapter ports on the newer Macbooks shown below.

If a user asks for a charger for a newer Macbook, they are now available on each of the power adapter kits.  Be sure to scan the additional part when going through the checklist!