Saturday, September 20

Why can't anyone check out an iPad or iPad Air!?

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share some information about the iPads and iPad Airs. As you may or may not know, Apple released iOS 8 last Wednesday. Due to this new update, all of the iPads and iPad Airs that we have are currently unavailable for anyone to check out. All of the tablets are scheduled to be updated properly at some point during Monday morning. Patrons should be able to check out any of the iPads or iPad Airs by Monday afternoon.

So what's new in iOS 8?
If you're interested in seeing all of the new changes, I suggest visiting Apple's dedicated iOS 8 website or reading this more detailed summary from

-Stephen P.

VTC, Why You Should be Interested

Hello everyone!

I thought for my first post ever I would comment on my experience with the VTC (virtual training company). I've been using it to learn how to work in Photoshop CS6 because I have absolutely no experience with it what-so-ever. You do have to request a username and password from information technologies, just make sure under the category drop down menu you click 'request a vtc account'. When I sent in my request I got a response the next day and was able to sign in successfully right away. The site isn't just for adobe products either, ever want to learn how to create modern comics? There's a course on it. Confused about wordpress? There's a course on it. More of a tactile learner? You're in luck! Most courses come with work files that, as long as you have the program, you can use to follow along with the video.

Seriously guys, if you're having some trouble getting started on your projects or even just have one aspect of a program you're confused about, see if the VTC has a course on it, hopefully it'll help!

Wednesday, September 17

Changing Due Dates

Nadine suggested a helpful tip today for using WMS to check out items.  When you go to change the due date, rather than typing in a new date and time, you can just copy and paste the date that is displayed at the top of the screen shown in green below.

You can copy the entire date and time after the "3 day loans:" or "4 hour loans:" depending on the item being checked out. This is a quick  method for changing the due date so that you do not have to worry about making sure the date and time match if you change one before the other!

Monday, September 15

NEW Equipment!

We now have a HDMI to VGA adapter kit. New computers are no longer making VGA ports, so this adapter allows students to connect to screens and projectors through the HDMI port on their laptops. This cable can be used by PCs and newer Macs as long as they have a HDMI port! It's located in the back of the cables and adapters drawer. 

UD Teaches Photoshop!

Photoshop is much more than a simple photo-editing software. It allows for a vast amount of creativity, and has the ability to restore and enhance photographs to make them extraordinary. A ruined family photo can be refreshed to look as good as new, and an overexposed photo can be tweaked to bring out the rich colors lying underneath.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn all about Adobe Photoshop and the ins and outs of working with RAW images in Photoshop. It is recommended that participants have prior knowledge with Photoshop before taking this tutorial. The workshop is free for all UD students, faculty, and staff. A wait-list is available for all those interested.

Join us on Tuesday, September 23 from 10:00AM- 12:00PM in the Student Multimedia Design Center in the lower level of Morris Library, Room A!

Sunday, September 14

It's Stats Week!

So, you're wondering about....

"It's Stats Week!"

Once a month for a week, you are asked to add a mark for each question asked by a user at the service desk.  If it's a question by phone, place the mark on the appropriate section and time.

Any questions, ask a staff member.  Thanks.

Thursday, September 11

DELCAT Discovery Workshops

For those interested in gaining some more information about DELCAT Discovery and navigating through UD's new catalog system, the library is holding three workshops, free of charge for students, faculty and staff.  The dates are: September 23rd, 10-11a.m., September 30th, 2-3p.m., and October 6th, 4-5p.m. all of which will take place in room 116A on the first level.  Here is the link to the UDaily post with information regarding these workshops. 

If interested, you must register. Online registration is available here.