Tuesday, August 26


Students have been coming to the library to use Mathematica.  They can access it from UD Deploy.  
Follow the directions on the page and they will also have to register with the program, too.

The program should be in Smith and Sharp as well.
Ask a supervisor if you have any questions.

Thursday, August 7

3D Object Manipulation

An interesting video on using 3D models inside of 2D photographs.  The video was produced as part of research being presented at SIGGRAPH, the biggest annual conference on advances in computer graphics. 

Thursday, July 31

Tips for Organizing Video Files

People using the Student Multimedia Design Center will soon be starting new video projects and many will shoot enough video that specific clips become hard to manage. Get Organized: How to Manage Video Files (PC Magazine) offers good file naming advice for keeping clips in chronological order with names that also help one locate content.  It's worth reading before starting new projects.

The article also addresses digitization of older video and storage options.  Videographers should read the article to ensure that they're covered on these three points:

  • centralizing video files (that is, getting them off one's smartphone and video camera),
  • naming files intelligently and tagging them so one knows what they contain, and
  • backing up and archiving final edited files.

Thursday, July 3

New 3D Printing Shop in Newark

If you are interested in 3D prototyping/design but don't have the $1000+ dollars to spend on various models of 3D printers, there is now an alternative in Newark! A workshop/retail store has opened that offers 3D printing on MakerBot and Lulzbot printers.

The store, Sovereign Air LLC, is located on Main St. behind Bike Line and next to the Ski Bum. Check out the Newark Post article HERE.

Saturday, May 31


Hi all,

I have a few things today! First off, I had a great first semester at the Student Multi Media Design Center.  I learned so much about the equipment and software at the center.  I also enjoyed working with everyone and look forward to next semester and hopefully semesters after that! 

Also the other week I had a male student present me a females ID while attempting to loan out equipment.  I immediately turned to a supervisor and presented them with the ID. I often don’t even think to check the student ID and make sure that the person looks like their identification photo.  However, now, after this scenario I always check! So, just some friendly advice to watch out for identity thieves.

Lastly, last week we had a student come in and try to hook up their personal iPad to the mac desktops in order to download material to iMovie.  However, the computer was not recognizing the connection.  And after quite a deal of hassle we realized we just needed to open iTunes…. may seem quite obvious, but took us awhile to figure out.

Until next semester!


Thursday, May 29

Computer Restart Hot-Keys

Hello everyone-
For my last blog post, I wanted to talk about a time-saver that had come up today during the morning computer restarts: hotkeys for restarting the computer. These are a combination of buttons that will attempt to restart the computer, and will help you save steps when restarting a large amount of computers.
I was aware of the hotkeys for the PCs, but had not known there was a Mac equivalent until this morning.
Mac- Pressing Command+Control+Eject will make the Mac attempt to close out all programs and try to restart.
PC- Pressing ALT+F4 will close out any open windows and eventually open up a restart prompt.

These keys can help cut the time down significantly. Anyways, Happy Graduation to the Seniors!