Tuesday, November 25

Storing multimedia files when no hard drive is available

With external hard drives in short supply, where can students store files critical to their projects when their borrowed cameras are due?

The UD Dropbox can help but has limits.  As described in the website,

The Dropbox software itself has limits on the amount of data that can be uploaded in a single dropoff. Even for browsers that support uploads larger than 2 GB, dropoffs may not exceed 10.0 GB per file, or 20.0 GB total for the entire dropoff.

The 2 GB limitation will support uploading many short video files.  Because the Dropbox won't ingest file folders, one can't simply upload the contents of the AVCHD folder from a camera's hard drivefile, but one could upload individual files.

Sunday, November 23

Reminder: 3 day headphone kits are available!

Finals week is approaching, and with that the library will be open 24 hours a day beginning Monday, December 1st. With many students expected to be at the library well past our desk closes at midnight, keep in mind that students have the option of loaning out a 3 day headphone kit. This will allow them to use our headphones during their late night study sessions rather than having to return them to us by 11:29 PM.

Saturday, November 22

iMovie to Dropbox, is it Possible?

    Short answer, yes.

    Long answer, it's probably not advisable.

    Today someone came in looking for a Studio to reserve and an external hard drive to rent out so she could save her work and edit it later, but there was a problem. We were out of hard drives. This was a deal breaker for her because she had no other way to save it and her project was going to take much longer than two hours to edit. So she asked if she could save it to DropBox in the meantime. I had no idea, which prompted me to make a quick search and I came upon someone who had a similar question and had posed said question to the apple community (so we know the answer is legit). Which brings me back to the beginning of this post.

    As a disclaimer, I did not test this out. The student who had the question decided not to try it for fear of losing the hours she would have put into her work, but there it is, if someone ever asks you the same question now we'll all know what to say:
    Yes it is possible.
    Just a little difficult because you have to drag everything that was used, photos, music, etc. to dropbox so the new computer will be able to open the files.

Thursday, November 20

Coloring Scanned Images Using Photoshop

When it comes to coloring line drawings or other forms of media, I prefer to scan the image at a high resolution and then opening the image in Photoshop to add color. Teagan White created a concise tutorial that does a much better job explaining the process than I could do in this blog post, so take a look at the tutorial in the link below.

Wednesday, November 19

Studio Abuse

Hey guys,

So as the semester is winding down students are using the studios now more than ever for their projects. Remember that they only have a two hour window to utilize the studios. They may come up to request an additional two hour block for the same day, only when at most 30 minutes of an existing reservation remains and time slots are available. If they have not made another reservation and are continuing to do their work, politely inform them that their time is up and KICK THEM OUT (just kidding, be nice about it).

Also be sure to ask them specifically what they are using the studio for when they go to reserve one. Appropriate use for studios can be reviewed at: http://multimedia.lib.udel.edu:89/misc/operational-protocols.asp

Have fun removing people!

Audio not working in certain parts of iMovie

Today we had a student who was working in iMovie and while inserting audio clips into the project, no sound from those clips would be projected but only at certain parts in the movie. Most likely the cause for this is that there is another audio clip that is corrupt or damaged in some way that is preventing that audio clip from working. To check/fix this problem:

  • Click on the waveform button
  • All of your audio clips should load and you should be able to see the various sound levels from each of your clips
  • Look for any clips that have a loading circle that just doesn't seem to go away (also check for clips that have a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in them)
  • If you find any of these clips, simply delete that clip and the rest of your audio should work. 

Free Downloads for Designers

Hi guys,
As a design student I am constantly looking for high quality images on the internet to incorporate into my work. Recently I came across a great resource that we could all utilize for our SMDC projects. You The Designer is a blog for graphic designers and includes a tab for FREEBIES that are all high resolution downloads. Lots of cool backgrounds, textures, PSDs, and brushes for Photoshop are available. These downloads can really boost your work to the next level, and save you the time of scouring through low quality pixelated google images.

Here is the link to the freebies page:


Enjoy! Happy designing :)