Tuesday, March 31

Tripod Mounting Plates

Hey everyone,

Before break Nadine mentioned at the desk that we have had a couple issues with the mounting plates that come on all of the video and photo tripods getting mixed up. Something to keep in mind when checking our tripod kits out and back in is to make sure that the number on the plates is the same as the kit that it is with. Another thing to keep an eye out for... Recently we had a student return a camera kit with the tripod mounting plate still attached to the camera. The mounting plate needs to be returned with the tripod kit, which in this case they still had checked out.

Hope everyone enjoys their break!

How Focus Works

B&H Photo Video is the store where we purchase most of our equipment here at the Center, but they also have some great resources (reviews, video, how-to, articles) on their Explora site.  I subscribe to their weekly email newsletter that features the new stuff written for Explora. This week the article on How Focus Works was really interesting, and applies to any digital camera (still/video/smartphone, etc.)  Worth a skim if the topic is interesting to you.

Hi everyone!
Recently I was working on a website and I was having a difficult time figuring out a color scheme and then someone showed me Adobe Kuler. It's a website that helps you to see different colors next to each other. It allows you to arrange analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, shades, and custom palettes. This website is especially helpful for people using HTML or CSS because it provides the hex numbers for each color. You could use it for simpler projects just to see how colors react next to each other as well.

Monday, March 30

CD's getting stuck in Macs

Last week, I was helping a patron to read a CD. When he tried himself, both PC and Mac didn't recognize the CD. We tried a PC again and it worked fine this time, but he wanted to see if it could work on a Mac because that's what he had at home.

That's where the trouble began.

After inserting the CD and waiting 5 mins, the Mac didn't recognize it. So we tried to eject it. Emphasis on "tried". The CD was stuck regardless of how hard and fast I pressed the eject button. Since the computer didn't recognize it, the option to click on eject in the File tab was unavailable. We could hear it trying to push the CD out when we hit the button on the keyboard but for some reason it couldn't. Searching on Google, we tried various solutions.

Things that didn't work:
- Restarting the computer while holding down the eject button
- Restarting the computer while holding down the eject button and the option button
- Opening up iTunes to hit eject (CD wasn't recognized so option was faded out as well)
- Petting the back of the Mac and begging it to eject it

What did work, thankfully, was using terminal on the Mac. Terminal is the equivalent to the command prompt on a PC where you type in commands manually without using the graphical interface. After opening terminal, I typed in this command "drutil tray eject", the computer responded well and tried pushing it out longer than the other times. So I repeatedly hit the up then enter button to repeat the command. Slowly but surely the Mac was pushing the CD out a little more each time. Finally it pushed it out enough I could use my fingers to pull it out.

If there are any other options or solutions people have found, please let me know! I'm more of a PC person and any more info on Macs would be appreciated.

Friday, March 27

Adobe Prelude

Hi everyone,

As spring break is nearing, I'm sure everyone is working hard on their student worker projects! I decided to do a video this semester on the Hi-8 transfer kit, going into it I had never actually tried the transfer kit before so this whole project was just a bundle of new experiences. My first thought was to import the videos from the transfer kit into iMovie. WRONG. With a lot of help from many different workers, I found that Adobe Premiere worked best for importing videos fast and easy! Also, if you're importing videos from a video camera you might notice that Premiere doesn't accept the .CIT file type that was uploaded from the camera. Eve came to the rescue showing me how to use Adobe Prelude to convert my clips to .MTS! All you have to do is drag all of your clips in and go to File>Ingest and that's it!

Have a great spring break!

Library Hours

With the start of Spring Break, it's good to be aware of changes to the hours at the library and at the desk.  Both the desk and the library are closed on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (March 28 and 29) and next Saturday, April 4.  For Monday-Friday of Spring Break, the library and SMDC will be open from 8am-5pm.  Regular hours resume on Sunday, April 5.  It's important to know changes to the typical hours in order to answer questions patrons may ask.  For anyone working today, all items are due back by 4:29pm.  

As a refresher of regular hours, the library is normally open from 8am-2am Monday-Thursday, 8am-10pm on Friday, 9am-10pm on Saturday, and 11am-2am on Sunday.  Our desk is open from 8am-12am Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm on Friday, 9am-8pm on Saturday, and 11am-12am on Sunday.  It's easy to forget these hours when we aren't working during closing shifts, but we need to keep them in mind when patrons ask about reserving studios or due dates for items they check out. Three-day loan items are always due back half an hour before the desk closes, and studios close an hour before the desk closes. The library hours can always be found on the library homepage by clicking the clock underneath the DELCAT search bar.

Have a nice Spring Break!
Hello everyone!
For anyone who's restarting a computer, a pop-up keeps coming up on numerous screens notifying you that the clock does not match the KeyServer, etc. I remember an IT guy coming to visit to look at as it seems to be a recurring problem, but I'm not sure if the problem is resolved as of yet. I asked Nico about the status of this problem and he said that SMDC is not sure if the problem will be fixed this semester or not. For now, you should be able to just close the box by clicking ok to accept the right time. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon, but just keep in mind that this box may come up when restarting! 
Happy Spring Break!