Wednesday, October 29

Digital Media for Sale

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder for some of the newbies like me, don't forget that the  center does have some digital media for sale. The other day someone asked if they were able to purchase a flash drive and I almost said no, but then remembered that we do have them available (even though they didn't purchase it after all lol). So don't forget, these are the items that are available for purchase along with the prices:
  1.  16GB USB Flash drive $15.00
  2. Generic Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter $10.00
  3. CD-R $1.00
  4. DVD-R $2.00
  5. DVD-R (Dual Layer) $5.00
  6. Blu-Ray R Disc $5.00
  7. Sony MiniDV tape $5.00 
  8. Sony HD MiniDV tape $10.00
Students can pay for these items with cash, credit card, check or flex. You can always refer to the center homepage if you forget what items we have. (I did for this list :))

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Monday, October 27

Printing services we provide!!!

Hello Everyone,

   Lately, we have been getting a lot of people requesting to print transparencies. Why are we still using overhead projectors??? Anyways, these are all the printing services we provide here at the Student Multimedia Design Center.

B&W Transparency---- $.50
Color Transparency-----$1.50
B&W Photocopy--------$.20
Color Photocopy--------$1.20
Specialty Paper---------$.50

If you ever need to know the prices, just tap on the register and it pops up!

Saturday, October 25

Alternative Ways to Code Without Dreamweaver

Here at the SMDC, all the computers have Adobe's Dreamweaver installed. This is one of the most popular applications for creating HTML and CSS files since Dreamweaver offers features such as auto completion and allowing the user the view the website as it's coded, but many users may find these features unnecessary.

For a lightweight coding application, I prefer Notepad++. Notepad++ offers a simple interface similar to the Notepad application installed with Windows, but offers more features and the possibility to install plugins. I also like Notepad++ because it's both free and portable, meaning I can download Notepad++ as a .zip file, extract it to my flash drive, and take it with me anywhere I go. This is especially useful when I'm not able to use a PC with Dreamweaver. Notepad++ is constantly improving and comes packaged with instructions on how to make coding faster and easier through Notepad++.

Sublime Text is a similar application that is available to Windows, OS X, and Linux users. For useful shortcuts and ways to configure Sublime Text, you can take a look at the documentation available here. Happy coding!

Spooky Scary Horror Movie Poster Evolutions

  Vhy hello zere everyone, and velcome to my perfectly horrible post!

  As zis is zee month of terror, I thought it only fitting to post about zis interesting blog entry I found entailing how horror movie posters have changed over zee years. It is a couple of years old mind you (five to be exact), but vat is age other zan a mechanism for beauty? You can still see zee vay zee introduction of new technology and vat really made something scary (not zee sparkles, never zee sparkles) changed zee format of zese posters. I did a little more digging trying to find one zat had a couple more recent posters, just to see if anyzing else significantly changed and came up with zis vebsite zat vent all zee vay up to 2011. Since a lot of us vere/are vorking frantically on our own posters I thought zese might help spark some creative juices as vell as get us all in zee mood for one of zee best holidays of zee year.

  Anyvays, I hope you guys have a perfectly terrible month and a happy early Halloveen to all of you as vell~
  (Please excuse the horrible accent, I never was good at them...)

Thursday, October 23

New Dell Laptop Images!

Be aware that the Dell Latitude Laptops are getting re-imaged! What this means is that the laptops will now have Microsoft Office 2013 on them, including Publisher. Not all laptops have been re-imaged yet so please just check the paper that is located on the laptop rack to see which ones are available for check out.

So if patrons come in asking about our laptops, just remember that they now have Office 2013 on them!

Tuesday, October 21

Converting MP4 to MP3

Hi everyone!

Last week a student had an English project where she had to remix a song, and she had the song on YouTube and wanted to convert it to MP3 so she could import it into GarageBand. I now know that there are many ways to do this, but at the time I suggested that she go on This website is very easy to use, basically you just copy and paste the URL and click convert. I wasn't sure how legal this was (seeing as you're ripping music off of YouTube for free), but I learned of an easy, more legal way!  If you have any MP4, you can import it into Audacity and it will automatically rip the MP3 from it, so then you would be able to use the sound in GarageBand. Also, on the Macs there's a way to change the form of the file simply by renaming it. For example, you might have ____.mp4, when you rename the file you can also highlight over .mp4 and change it to .mp3 and save it like that!

Sunday, October 19

Adobe Brush

Hey everyone,

So Adobe recently came out with a new free app called Adobe Brush. The app allows you to use your smart phone to create new brushes for Illustrator and Photoshop from hand done drawings or patterns. So for example, you could take a picture of a painted brush stroke and then size it to work as a new brush in Adobe programs. This allows you see the shadows and fine details of the stroke and recreate it digitally. This feature can be really helpful if you want to do a digital painting but with a more 3-D or physical feel. It's also useful if you need a specific pattern that the program doesn't have, because it allows you to create your own patterns.

Here's a video of how the program works.