Monday, December 9

Adobe Bridge Batch Rename

As we wind down the semester and papers and projects are flying everywhere, it is so important to remain organized so as not to add to the stress and chaos associated with finals week. When it comes to your media files - particularly movie clips and photos, one great way to keep them all organized is to make sure they are properly labeled. When you have a ton of movie clips or photos, this can seem like a really annoying task to go through and individually re-label them (for example) as "SpanishProject_1", "SpanishProject_2" etc. One easy way to automatically sort through and custom label all your files is to use Adobe Bridge. By viewing your files in Adobe Bridge, you can highlight and select the files you want to relabel. Once they are selected, you can go to "Tools" > "Batch Rename" and enter the new name under "New Filenames." Adobe Bridge also gives you the option to rename the files in the same folder you opened them in, or rename them and automatically move or copy them to a new location. These options are listed under "Destination Folder." Having your files all renamed and properly labeled is a surefire way to decrease your stress when you are desperately searching for the photo you took for your spanish project amongst all of the generic IMG_1, IMG_2, IMG_3 etc. scattered throughout your computer.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tip! Good file naming practices make it easier to use selected files later on in other projects.