Friday, December 13

Recording in PowerPoint

A user recently had a question about recording multiple tracks on Audacity to move them into a PowerPoint.  The user was looking for a simple way to record audio onto a PowerPoint for a project.  While Audacity works well for this, PowerPoint also has an easy-to-use, built-in recording feature for those that want something quick and basic.  Under Insert > Sound and Music there is a "Record Sound" option.  

This feature is much more basic than Audacity.  It allows for recording, playback, renaming the clip, and inserting it on the slide.  Because the sound clip is built right into the presentation, users don't have to worry about exporting and importing tracks from another program.  For users that do not need to trim or edit a track and want a quick recording option, the built-in recording on PowerPoint is a good tool to suggest.

1 comment:

  1. This tip sounds like a real time-saver for people trying to finish their projects.