Monday, May 26


Hey guys!

Don't forget to check in on people when they're in the studios! A student recently told the desk that they were going to use a studio so they could use Garageband for a music project...but really they were just studying and listening to classical music!

Since it's finals week everyone's looking for a quiet place to study, but the studios are still just for multimedia use. So, even if someone says they're using the studios for a multimedia-related reason, check up on them too.

Hope everyone's finals are going well and you're all having a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!

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  1. Mallory's posting couldn't be more timely! I cancelled a reservation for Studio #3 this afternoon after learning that it was made to use the studio to view a web video and then serve as a group study room. I pointed out the available Group Link tables and other areas where these activities would be appropriate.